TIPS | Meal Planning

Published on March 6, 2017

After cycling through the same 5 meals, I finally sat down and got organized about dinner. Here are a few things I found helpful in meal planning for my family!

Glass Food Containers
Sheet protector
Sticky Notes
Dry-Erase Calendar

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49 thoughts on “TIPS | Meal Planning

  1. I would love for you to share the specifics of your binder – also what was the program you were using other then Pinterest? I have the same issues with meal planing I get so overwhelmed I don't know where to start! Thanks WUM's – you guys are the best! 💋

  2. Yes, would love to know more about your binder method! Also, where do you find the freezer containers to store your food in? I've been on the hunt for those and can never find them. Thank you!

  3. I get my recipes from my favorite recipe books. I go through them about once a month and write down all of the recipes I want to make that month on index cards. I write the page number on the top of the card, so I can easily look up the recipe. I then check my family's schedules and write down the recipes I'm going to make that week on a magnetic "calendar" on my fridge. After I decide what I'm going to make, I go back to the book and check what I need to buy. I keep a list on my phone of what I need and how much I need so it makes it easier to shop for groceries. It makes it super easy for me plus I know which days I won't be home in advance so I can just make a double batch of something during one of the other days and my family can heat up leftovers when I'm not home. (Oh, If I made any grammar mistakes, I hope you can still understand this. I'm 14 but I love doing the meal planning to free up everyone's time and make things less hectic in the evening)

  4. I am not a mom but this will be a great way to organize meal time. My mom doesn't really have hard time on cooking, but these tips are pros!
    This video is awesome, Meg! Keep up the great work!

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