Published on April 19, 2017

With Earth Day approaching, we did some research and can’t look at our family’s trash the same way!

Reusable produce bag
Reusable snack pouch
Reusable paper towels
Reusable wet bag
Reusable dry cleaner bag
Compost bin

Zero Waste Family (this video is FASCINATING!)…
Check Recycling: (or google your local sanitation department!)

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50 thoughts on “TIPS | 5 EASY WAYS TO REDUCE TRASH!

  1. Wow. Where I live, in a city in Sweden. We are recycling everything. We have a compost, and like all paper, boxes, metallic tins and so on. But if I don't remember wrong Sweden is one of the best in terms of recycling

  2. I was really surprised that composting was not sth you did already because here in Germany it has been a thing for quite some time I think. We have been composting our garden for as long as I can remember (I'm 18). And I think it is a law to separate your trash into paper, plastic, general rubbish and biodegradable materials like egg shells or banana skin. Waste seperation is controlled here and if you don't seperate peoperly you have to pay the high transport and seperation costs. Not sure about how this is in other countries it's just what I know about it here in Germany

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