It only takes 5 minutes to… (Quaker® Chewy Ad)

Published on September 14, 2016

Rethink the time you spend with your kids by playing soccer or looking at old photos. Check out other ways to connect in 5 minutes with your kids! Here’s how… #MakeAConnection

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50 thoughts on “It only takes 5 minutes to… (Quaker® Chewy Ad)

  1. This just made me want to pick up my daughter from school and hug her so tight! Sometimes we forget in the midst of all the madness that our little ones need us the most! Everything else around us can wait just a few more minutes….thanks so much for reminding us of what's most important! You ladies ROCK!

  2. Dude, you guys are killing it with branded content. Additionally, I loved the video and I can't wait to engage more and more with 1.5 yr old as he grows. Until then, making "roar" sounds at each other and playing chase is good for me :)

  3. Your great to have a wonderful family that you can hang out with. My family are having………………….Difficultys you can tell in the children eyes and there smiles that they blessed and grateful for your loving heart 💝

  4. I love how their whole family goes OOOOH when the boy said his crush said hi to him. In my family, if I said MY crush said hi to me, my dad would be like, "NO DATING 'TILL YOUR 25." and my mom would be like, "DONT TALK TO THAT BOY, HE'S BAD FOR YOU."

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