ELLE | TODDLER TOOTH CARE w/ pediatric dentist

Published on February 11, 2015

Presley’s dentist answers all my questions and has some tips for getting your kids to brush that actually WORK! Watch this and you are set. =)
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▶ Special thanks to Dr. Mary Shannon for such helpful tips!

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Elle started WUM after searching for how-to videos as a new mom and wanting more. A digital media veteran, she reconnected with Stanford classmate, Meg Resnikoff and the rest is (well-documented) history. In addition to directing videos for companies such as Motts, Disney, Kohler, Glad and frequently serving a YouTube brand panelist, Elle is extremely passionate about helping other moms share their well-earned expertise. Her favorite comment is “That’s my life too!” and is thankful for how WUM’s growing network of influencers have added to her own parenting experience. Elle’s daughter Presley (4), son Ford (2), and her (usually cooperative) husband Ross are often featured in her Tips and Day-In-Life vlogs.


174 thoughts on “ELLE | TODDLER TOOTH CARE w/ pediatric dentist

  1. Thanks for this educational video I am taking care of a friend s toddler for a couple of days and she told me I ll really have to stay strong during the brushing process Now i know what I m up against and how i can propitiate the little princess

  2. Btw this video is perfect for my life right now my daughter is turning 2 tomorrow and she does not like to brush her teeth I seriously have to hold her down Thanks so much for this

  3. We sing the Daniel Tiger brusha brusha brusha brushing our teeth song It works cause I m not creative with songs I also found some cool toothbrushes with suction cup bottoms so she can pop it to the counter and my almost 4 yo daughter thinks it s fun We taught her to spit and aim for the hole of the drain and she does well Spit out those sugar bugs My little 19 month old follows suit trying even though he just brushes with water We re not great when it comes to flossing either Great video thanks Elle Enjoy your trip in DC

  4. Thanks for the info It s good to know that they don t have to spit What about toddler toothpaste vs regular I feel more comfortable using toddler toothpaste since my little guys don t spit so well but I ve heard regular toothpaste is fine too

  5. Great video My 16 month old has 8 teeth and only two touch so I guess I need to start that floss I ve also got to take her to the dentist soon New adventures for mommy every day I tell ya

  6. So helpful It is sometimes next to impossible to brush my daughter s teeth and I was dreading starting the process when her twin sisters get to the brushing age Now I feel like I ll have a few useful tricks up my sleeve Thank you

  7. Great video Elle When she said avoid raisins and gold fish crackers I laughed because I literally just gave my toddler those exact things while shopping at Target to keep her entertained Whoops

  8. I also want to suggest electric toothbrushes It made all the difference with my toddler wanting to brush her teeth Also try doing it right after dinner instead of at bedtime because to me it seems she is more likely to resist because she knows she will be going to bed afterwards

  9. I have been brushing my toddlers since they are one When they were new born I would just wipe off their gum and tongue after breastfeeding So my kids loves to brush their teeth since I have started so young They visit the dentist every six months And thank god they love to drink water I also used the safe to swallow toothpaste at 1 yo And now using electric toothbrush and also floss morning and night

  10. Such great tips I have a one year old and she surprisingly looooves brushing her teeth but I did not know some of the other things like gold fish and raisins aren t good for her teeth Suggestion for another video sleep training and trying to get your toddler to sleep through the night Ahhh been having Sooo many problems with this lately and I am exhausted and getting to the point of defeat Helllpp Anyways love yours guys channel so informative and soo entertaining Keep it up for all the other mommies out there

  11. Good video I really wish you had included when they should visit the dentist for the first time So many pediatricians not up to date on this and so many parents don t know The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends First Visit before First Birthday And the flossing Not true for every toddler It depends on the stacking of their teeth My 2 yr old just saw her dentist 2 weeks ago and we talked about the spacing and how we did not need to floss Bc none of her teeth touch We went at 13 mos 19 mos and 25 months Highly recommend a pediatric dentist

  12. Hi Elle I thought this was a great video particularly because I am a dental hygienist All the info was spot on I have a 2 yr old and we sing the abc song while we brush and it works great Also try doing your teeth routine while kids are in the bath they will connect it to something that is fun Hope this helps

  13. I m 13 and I LOVE your channel I m not a mom but I m like now I know when I have kids how hard it will be and what I need to do I loves meg s cooking Brooke s diys and Elle s life trick videos thank you for hours of entertainment

  14. We sing a song that is the theme of row row row your boat brush brush brush your teeth brush them up down brush until the sugar bugs go running out of town We sing it twice one for bottom teeth one for upper teeth

  15. Elle perfect timing Did the Doctor mention if the tooth paste needs to be special children toddler version My little guy is 14m and we ve been brushing no paste since his teeth has come in I had just thought a few days ago when should he start using tooth paste though

  16. Such great tips! I have a one year old and she, surprisingly, looooves brushing her teeth but I did not know some of the other things like gold fish and raisins aren't good for her teeth.
    Suggestion for another video; sleep training and trying to get your toddler to sleep through the night. Ahhh been having Sooo many problems with this lately and I am exhausted and getting to the point of defeat! Helllpp!
    Anyways, love yours guys channel so informative and soo entertaining! Keep it up for all the other mommies out there!

  17. My biggest problem has been finding a flavor toothpaste that my 4 year old likes She does not like bubble gum flavor and she does not like berry flavor Any recommendations from other moms

  18. Great tips My daughters autism symptoms developed around 3 and she would not let me help her brush her teeth she only would do it her way this led to a 7 silver cap procedure on her back teeth in which they had to put her under anesthesia for at the hospital when she turned 7 a few months ago It s too bad one in 46 children in America now have autism but only one in four children with it are girls any autism special needs related awareness videos at all on your radar It s hard because one out of 46 moms deal with this reality each day Also totally love you guys The Starbucks latte defined my life although the husband won t be late from work because I m a single divorced mommy rocking it all on my own every day It s hard but I love my baby girl how about a video collaboration with single autism moms

  19. Thank you so much for sharing My daughter is almost ready to go to the dentist for the first time My son does really well so I am hoping she will too I never knew juice was ok if it was during meal times We treat juice almost like soda in our house its a treat I don t know if that will change but it will probably impact when I give it to them and help me feel less guilty when I do

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