DIY | Perfect Bath Bomb Recipe

Published on June 26, 2015

These bath bombs are super luxurious and make bath time more fun for mom and kids alike!! Subscribe to WUM for new vids every M-W-Th-F
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• ½ cup of baking soda
• ¼ cup citric acid
• ¼ cup cornstarch
• ¼ cup Epsom Salt (or sea salt)
• 3 tsp castor oil (or any vegetable oil)
• 1 tsp essential oil
• Soap or food coloring
• 1 TSBP water
• plastic mold

1. Mix dry ingredients – baking soda, Epsom salt, cornstarch, and citric acid.
2. Whisk together.
3. Mix wet ingredients – castor oil, essential oil, soap coloring, and water.
4. Mix in wet ingredients very slowly into dry ingredients, and whisk.
5. Fill plastic mold.
6. Let them dry overnight, or pop into fridge for 30 minutes if you want to use immediately.

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49 thoughts on “DIY | Perfect Bath Bomb Recipe

  1. I think you have to be very careful with the Epsom Salts when using it for children. It has a detoxifying effect and I see in the video you show your child in the bath. That can be dangerous for a baby and small children. Also all pregnant ladies must stay away from Lavender as it can abort a baby. Please be cautious even when it seems natural and harmless.

  2. Another thing you can do to prevent premature fizzing is to mix up all the ingredients minus the citric acid. After you have combined the wet and dry items, add the citric acid. The mixture is still moist, but not wet enough to cause a big reaction.

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