Taylor Swift – “Blank Space” PARODY (Mom Version)

Published on December 10, 2014

We love you Taylor Swift, but the only Blank Spaces that get tired moms excited are the ones on Starbucks coffee cups. Is the barista writing our name on one? Is our order ready? Will that sweet, sweet java hit our lips before we go insane…from sleep deprivation?

The What’s Up Moms team had a ton of highly-caffeinated fun turning T. Swift’s hit into an ode to coffee and parenthood. Brooke painted a toy convertible black (sorry, Barbie!), Elle smudged mascara on her face with abandon and Meg let her daughter ride her bicycle indoors…which in hindsight may have not have been the best idea…but hey, that’s why they make carpet cleaners, right?

Now, if you’ll excuse us, we have to go hit up Starbucks. Again. And again. And again…

This video is not sponsored, just for fun. =)

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538 thoughts on “Taylor Swift – “Blank Space” PARODY (Mom Version)

  1. this video came at the perfect time over the weekend my 10 yr old and I were having this exact conversation we thought taylor was saying starbucks lover and had to google lyrics to decipher what she was really singing way to go whatsupmoms you ve outdone yourselves

  2. I love it Elle Especially the part when you said I ve got to have Starbucks Latte I agree You need Starbucks to complete everything Especially when it comes to kids Please do more parodies I just love them With a little humor in your vids is awesome Must be super stressful there

  3. I love this video WhatsUpMoms What bag is the girl on the far left holding when you are walking out of the Starbucks I have been searching high and low for it online and I HAVE to have it Right now

  4. I love this video Taylor Swift must see it herself This is the best parody out of all the other parodies of Blank Space Alyssa Elle s sister has excellent vocals Taylor if you are out there you must watch this

  5. I absolutely love the WUM channel I had to tag all of my Mommy friends on this video on my Facebook account because I knew they could all relate It was hilarious As a single divorced Mom of a beautiful wonderful 7 year old autistic daughter I can relate to all of the stuff that has to be done all day long If I don t have my coffee I can t function lol When I can scrounge up enough money to grab a coveted Starbucks coffee with a few minutes of free time I savor it beyond belief I absolutely love you guys Keep up those videos that allow me to laugh and realize parenting is hard for everyone

  6. My friend Nell just shared this with me OMG If you are a parent like me I think you will find it hilarious too Even if you are not a parent it s still worth it to have a look

  7. The woman in the car holding the starbucks cup and saying well I can relate to that much less she totally looks and reminds me of Kourtney Kardashian haha p s thumbs up if Britney Spears brought you here

  8. WhatsUpMoms at 35 seconds I was there and I was wondering what this lady with a stroller running towards the bushes outside Starbucks and a guy with a camera rig filming her was all about It makes more sense now haha

  9. When I first heard Taylor s version of this song I thought she was saying got a long list of Starbucks lovers Didn t understand but now that I know the actual lyrics makes complete sense now

  10. i just wanna say to Moms out there u r the strongest superheroes u pretty much amazing in any ways possible thank you for everything that you do love u every seconds and to DAd of course hehe

  11. Starbucks Coffee should give these Moms lattes for life for this awesome version of Taylor Swift s BlankSpace Answers the parenting question jest how much caffeine vs sleep will bee required to maintain sanity StarbucksLovers

  12. Love this So awesome Britney Spears saw this and loves it I ve totally related to the I m so pregnant I m 29 weeks with my first and I m sure I ll relate to this even more when she s here Haha so talented

  13. I wish you guys would make a CD of all your songs because there honestly better than the originals! although I understand why you can't. but maybe sell them as ringtones please!!! 😄

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