MOM HACKS ℠ | Sick & Ouchie! (Ep.8)

Published on October 25, 2016

There’s nothing easy about a sick kid, but these simple #MomHacks will make this sick season go a little smoother.

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50 thoughts on “MOM HACKS ℠ | Sick & Ouchie! (Ep.8)

  1. For younger babies to ease chest congestion, put a small amount of Vicks on the bottom of each foot and cover with socks at night. To help ease stomach pain, put uncooked rice into a tube sock and heat.up in the microwave for a soothing hot pack. We love those hacks at our house. Keep up the great work!

  2. Here's a tip: if your kid is sick and oh don't want to be, try cutting an onion in half and placing in on a shelf or a bed stand near your kid.
    And anywhere they might go (bathroom, kitchen etc) it supposedly absorbs and collects bacteria from the air and so they don't breathe in germs. I have a large family and it keeps others from getting sick (also the simple things,
    Hand sanitizer
    And covering up when you cough etc. :)

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