Behind-The-Scenes | Dad’s First Day Alone with Baby!

Published on January 21, 2015

Enjoy a glimpse into our commercial shoot for GLAD Press ‘n Seal…AND that’s a wrap! (Pun intended). Special thanks to Elle’s brother-in-law Greg and her niece, Brooklyn for a fabulous job acting. And thank YOU for watching!
‌• The commercial !:

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116 thoughts on “Behind-The-Scenes | Dad’s First Day Alone with Baby!

  1. Elle you are so AMAZING I ve been watching you for a long time since you starred on Key Of Awesome s Grenade D I have yet to see a video of yours that I don t like They re always funny on point and so well made You should seriously make ads for TV I love it

  2. The best bit is that you put so much effort into these vids and it is brands that you love I feel like a lot of other youtubers mention the name of the product and that s about it but you guys make full on commercials

  3. Does your sister live in the same house as you Not in any mean way just curious since Brooklyns room is there If she does it s really cool so that the kids cousins can all grow up together

  4. I ve been watching you since I saw you star in The Key of Awesome s Grenade and I loved watching every single one of your videos despite me having no relevancy to motherhood or babies I m only 14 P But theres something about you that makes everything so much more fun especially when you re advertising things Like most people just showed deodorant in their video but you made a short skit that was probably extremely relatable to a whole lot of mothers while advertising which I love Keep on doing what you do Elle cause you ve also made me fall in love with Meg Connie and Brooke Lots of love from Australia xo

  5. OMG Elle my grandpa just passed a few days ago but like whenever I watch whatsupmoms especially with babies in it it s like such a happy tingly time like sunshine and rainbows Wow long comment But ur videos rock I love them all I go to your channel and almost all of them are under watched lol

  6. Elle you are so AMAZING!!! I've been watching you for a long time (since you starred on Key Of Awesome's Grenade :D) & I have yet to see a video of yours that I don't like. They're always funny, on point and so well-made. You should seriously make ads for TV, I love it ^^ ♥

  7. Wow Well done ladies You guys are such great role models for women and mommies out there Keep up the great work My daughter and I love watching your videos together often times in repeat

  8. Some people may complain about you making commercials I don t know why they re just like regular vids but I think they re really cool You make them like your regular videos just they re featuring a product I may not know you ladies but from years of watching What s up Elle and now What s up Moms I feel like I know you so when I see a product in your shows I feel like a friend is recommending it to me and that I can trust you So keep on doing what you do and bringing us the laughs You go live that dream girl

  9. Alyssa s hubs is so good looking and acts so well Can t say he is nervous at all And Hats off to Ross for managing not one but two kids alone for that long with a pink diaper bag And I loved the Ad and seems like the entire work was in the hands of all the ladies Meg Brooke Elle Alyssa Lil baby Brooke except the main actor You guys rock

  10. I started watching your videos when I was 11 or 10 and I m now 15 I stopped watching since then but today I stumbled upon one of your videos on my Facebook TL and I remembered how much I loved your videos and it brought back great memories I can t believe how much Presley has grown and I still remember her as the little baby in first video that Presley was in I see you have a new baby and I wish you all the luck Definitely subscribing to the new channel

  11. the film releases really good catch up film and I'm a girl just because I'm happy song that is called this is how I found this is how I feel this is how I feel when you like to say good good good good I like

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