Am I Getting Old? (Funny Clinique Ad)

Published on March 8, 2017

If you’ve ever accidentally seen yourself in selfie-mode, this video’s for you. Find out more about Clinique’s Fresh Pressed System here:

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49 thoughts on “Am I Getting Old? (Funny Clinique Ad)

  1. I love how they do ads. I think the reason people get upset about ads is a lot of times you can tell the youtuber is just doing it for money. It's very robotic and cold. That is never the case with what's up moms channel. A lot of times I don't even know it's an ad I'm enjoying it so much. And by the time I find out I don't mind it because they made it just as entertaining as all the other videos. Other youtubers should take note. This is how you do a sponsored video and still keep your audience happy.

  2. the only channel that combines advertising and amazing content that the viewers still wanna watch.. can TOTALLY relate to this. They still ask for ID when i buy alcohol, but i KNOW the day is coming when they'll NOT ask me and then i'll go home and cry.

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