EAT | DIY Otter Pops

Published on May 8, 2017

I can guarantee your kids are going to love these homemade otter pops. They’re filled with fresh fruit and other healthy add ins but are so much more fun to eat than your average popsicle.

Ice Pop Sleeves
Ice Pop Pouch
Food Processor
Collapsible Mini Funnel

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50 thoughts on “EAT | DIY Otter Pops

  1. Love you guys. You guys light up my day. It would mean the world if i got at least 25 subscribers on my channel please. If i could ever meet you guys i would be so excited😍

  2. ┼┼┼┼┼┼┼████
    Where am I? The comment sections? How many likes do i get?

  3. There are SO many comments out there about people who are under 16 ( me too ) and still watch this Chanel. Just out of curiosity, do moms actually watch them ?

  4. Stop. Just stop. I know that you're still children, and I know it's amazing that there are young people who watch these videos, but seriously? Stop with all of the "I'm 10 and I love these videos!!" "Who else isn't even a mom but still loves these videos?" You scroll through the comments so much that you should at least be aware that there are people who are in the same situation as you. But really? It's literally so annoying looking at the comments and not seeing any comments about the video. How about instead of commenting your age, try leaving feedback?

  5. why would any body make this when they can go buy them cheeper at te store. the otter pops can be just as healthy if you eat them with veggies. LOGIC!!!!!!!!!

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