DIY | Sand Play-Doh (Totally Amazing!)

Published on May 5, 2017

Get in the summer spirit with this amazing and super simple sand play-doh!! It’s like the new slime, we can’t put it down!



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50 thoughts on “DIY | Sand Play-Doh (Totally Amazing!)

  1. Okay commenters i understand the whole "anyone else who isnt a mom but still loves this channel" or "am i the only 12 year old who watches this channel" but seriously. We get it, you aren't a mom and you love this channel, you're a kid and you love this channel. Stop posting these comments! You KNOW that you aren't the only kid/not a mom/, since you see similar comments under EVERY SINGLE VID.
    I wanna read some real opinions on the vid, but instead i see only these "I'm a kid and i love this channel" "I'm not a mom i love this channel" irritating comments.

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