50 thoughts on “DIY | Friendship Bracelet 2 Ways!

  1. Thank you me daughter did this but the cutest thing was she made 3 one had the letter M another one had D and the last one had L she gage the M to me and the other to her dad. And again thank you 😁

  2. Dear Diary,

    I am going to set sail tonight. I will be going through the Comment-Section Ocean. I heard it's very deep and wide. I hope I make it back.

    A Few Years Later
    Dear Diary,

    I have finally made it back, I got caught by the Spam-Comments, they raided my ship and asked me to subscribe to them. It was torture. After a few months, I managed to escape. But I got caught by the Like-Askers. They kept asking for likes, it was horrible. After a few more months, I escaped again. But I got caught once again by the Liars. They told me their family died, their dog died, they have cancer and more lies. Like the Like-Askers, they asked for likes too. I managed to escape after a few months.
    These experiences have haunted me, I hope no sailor will have to experience the same pain and annoyance.

  3. Yesterday on Saturday me and my best friend broke our friendship she told me to go on ROBLOX and John Doe (hacker) was on I didn't want t risk it so we got into a fight she didn't respect my will of not going on so she deleted my Skype (I recently moved schools last year so we Skype) and she unfriended me and I deleted hers what should I do ? She said she's going to block me on ROBLOX and Skype plz answer in the comments I need help just saying I'm in primary school

  4. You know what I really want to see? It's a serious issue, but I feel like amazing moms like this shouldn't stand silent to their opinions. I love your upbeat videos, but don't you want us to feel something during a vid or two? I want to hear your take on abortion. Like if you agree, dislike if you don't. It doesn't matter about the likes, but if that's what the people really want to see, then you should try to get this comment to the top so the WhatsUpMoms family can see! I just feel like people will take interest in your opinions since your channel is all about babies and children.

  5. 20/3/17

    Dear diary

    I know this has been done before but I wanted to re-creat it, so I can't wait the suspense is real
    And what for? Well it's ' The Babysitter' and there's two reasons one is if it's gonna be a real
    Show or not and second of all if it is a real show when is the first episode gin a come out!?!

    door opens

    Me: ahh

    Brother: hey what ya doing

    Me: just writing my diary

    Brother: you mean typing?

    Me: no I mean commenting sorry

    Brother: what commenting?!?!!

    Me: yeah

    Brother: well it's not if you tell about 5 billion people!!

    Me: oh yeah oops well I already commented it oops

    Brother: God danmit

    Me: well bye!!!….. Now get out

    Note: this was based on a true story lol😜😜😜


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