Published on March 24, 2017

It was a true blast from the past making with these amazing shrinky dinks with some of our favorite ’90s stars, Christine Lakin from Step By Step and Beverley Mitchell from 7th Heaven! Be sure to check out their new comedy, Hollywood Darlings premiering on Wednesday, April 12 at 8P/7c, followed by Return of the Mac starring Joey McIntyre, only on Pop.

#6 plastic
Sharpie Permanent Markers

1. Simply draw or trace your design onto a sheet of #6 plastic and pop in the oven on 350 degrees until the plastic curls up and flatness back out. This can take anywhere from 30 seconds to a couple minutes depending on your oven
The final product will be about 1/6 the size of the original

Hollywood Darlings turns the camera on real-life friends who are bonded by a sisterhood that only they can share as former child stars who grew up in the ’90s limelight: Jodie Sweetin (Full House, Fuller House), Christine Lakin and Beverley Mitchell. In this improvised comedy, the three actresses play exaggerated versions of themselves in their current Hollywood lives. With the support of one another, this girl squad can take on anything when it comes to parenting, marriage, friendship and revived careers in Hollywood.


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50 thoughts on “DIY | SHRINKY DINKS!!!

  1. I've loved doing this crazy for the longest time, a tip is to use clear nail Polish on the finished product because the color can very easily be scratched off, and the nail Polish helps protect it!

  2. I wish I could see more earth friendly DIY's. We already have so much plastic in landfills and in the ocean. Watch a video of how it affects our environment, it will make you want to use plastic less. I think you guys are great but please, more environmentally friendly stuff.

  3. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, if you know me I lovvvvvvvvvve 7th heaven and Beverley Mitchell is like my role model!!!! In school we write what celebrities is our favorite and I always put Beverly Mitchell. I am almost 14 and I kind of have an addiction…. with 7th heaven. I spent about 200$ (with my own money) to by the hole season of 7th heaven on eBay when I was 10, because they don't produce it anymore. I love how all the kids when I was 10 spent there money on dolls and "makeup" but nope, I bought and amazing show from the 90's. I also love whats up moms, I have been watching for years now!!!! Like 7th heaven and full house were the shows I always watch!! I can related so much to Beverly Mitchell ( who plays Lucy in 7th heaven). I have an exam on Monday and I think I would ace it if I wrote this much😂 sorry to whomever reads this :) I am so grateful to have what's up moms and 7th heaven in my life!!!! Love y'all!!!! ❤️

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