DIY | Dreamcatcher

Published on May 12, 2017

You guys have been requesting this one for awhile now…I love the way our dream catchers turned out and hope you do too! Sweet dreams!

Embroidery Hoop
Suede or Leather Cord (I used faux suede)
Embroidery Thread
Beads and Embellishments
Hot Glue Gun, Sewing Thread or Jewelry Wire

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50 thoughts on “DIY | Dreamcatcher

  1. Brooke you are the most creative person I know. Every Friday I wonder how you come up with all these amazing ideas. Lincoln and Calvin are the cutest things! Best wishes, xx Rachel

  2. whatsupmoms comment section summary:
    1) "who has no kids but loves to watch this channel?"
    2) "i'm only .. but i love this channel!"
    3) "who is under the age of 16? 🙋"

  3. You really need to do your research on cultural appropriation. This is a sacred item with deep cultural and historical roots, not a trendy decor item or arts and crafts project for a white lady 😒

  4. As a Native American, here are some things you messed up (and that's okay). Never use string in the center. You are supposed to use sinew. And there is a design. The inside isn't supposed to be "unique". It is supposed to make a spider. The inside is his web. You don't hang a dream catcher just anywhere, it will only work if you hang it in a window. The legend is that the spider catches all the bad dreams in his web, then the early morning light burns all the nightmares away. A lot of people get these things wrong, and so I'm not trying to pick on you! Only trying to help(: I love this channel and just wanted to put some facts out on this video.

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