BEST Kid Friendly Slime! (NO Borax)

Published on March 31, 2017

This is my go to kid friendly slime recipe, it’s super easy to make and turns out perfect every time!!

Elmers Glue 4oz
Baking Soda 1/2tsp
Food Coloring or Soap Colorant
Contact Solution 1-2 TBS
Baby Oil
Moon Dust
Fragrance Oil

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50 thoughts on “BEST Kid Friendly Slime! (NO Borax)

  1. Hello random person scrolling through the comments☺️

    My pet rock didn't die.

    My pet turtle didn't die.

    My birthday is not today.

    Can I get at least 50 likes for being honest😃

  2. Tbh tho the reason why contact lens, detergent etc works is BECAUSE they have borax. Nothing will make slime without any borax because slime is a chemical reaction that needs boric acid. Sorry to burst ur bubble there but no slime is actually "borax free". Though I have to say that eye drop, contact lens solution etc has less pure borax in it so it's less dangerous to kids/people.

  3. hay love your videos but I followed all the instructions and ingredients and it did not work plz do a video on slime but using eu aprooved ingredients as we do not have Elmers glue and I think the pva in England is different as it is not working thx .

  4. Signs that your obsessed with slime
    . run out of glue in a week
    . ask your parents to get u glue for school but use it for slime
    .take your slime to school
    . find stuff all around the house to add to your slime
    Like if u can totally relate to this;)

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