Published on March 22, 2017

LOVE the creativity that goes into this easy book activities using household items! Thanks for the idea Presley! 😉

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50 thoughts on “PLAY | HANDMADE BOOKS!

  1. My baby sister is two weeks away!!!! I've told my mom to watch this channel and she actually uses the hacks you guys use!! Thanks you for helping my family out. Ilysm ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Instead of a laminator you can put the pictures in a plastic ziplock bag and tape the colored part (the thing that closes) together and it works just as well as a laminated book

  3. I did a version of the card one. we used foamboard, so it was ready to draw directly onto. did it as a colour book, so each page we filled with stickers and other stuff and some stampers and drawings of things in each respective colour. my kids love it. they note the colours and my eldest likes to discribe the textures and images (look a red airplane, a pink flower, etc).
    I then had some foam stickers of different vehicles from poundshop and put them on small bits of card with letter stickers used to spell out the words land, sea and air, one each new page. just tired it together with yarn so I can add more pages as we get more stickers and images over time. they like going through and naming all the vehicles and colours and imagining things for the images.
    I am going to use the foam board one again next week to make a little poem book based on a favourite playtime activity of theirs, which will be fun as I'm not a great poet lol.
    another thing I do is I write little short stories, or find free ones online or ask my kids a couple of questions so that they can write a short story, print it off, do some drawing on it and laminate it and we have a story card. I tend to do A5 so I can fit it in my bag for travels and as its laminated I don't have to worry about the kids drawing on it or ripping it when out and about. and if it does get lost or damaged then I can simply reprint. Kids love these also and it's handly for early readers. I long since stopped getting library books and most shop bought ones are too flimsy and break easily. so making my own in more practical I think.

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