PLAY | Aluminum Foil 3D Drawings!

Published on May 17, 2017

You probably already have the supplies to make these awesome, wall-worthy raised 3D drawings!

Shoe Polish
Foam Board
Aluminum Foil
Glue Gun

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50 thoughts on “PLAY | Aluminum Foil 3D Drawings!

  1. idk if I'm the only one getting tired of hearing "who else isn't a mom here?" just for likes and replies on there Comments on every single new video they upload

  2. in india we hardly eat spaghetti and I didn't have hot glue and my mother is in Bangladesh for an office your so I really wanted to do this craft for her so I used the sev those little sticks when you boil them I'm milk i guess it is really tasty so I just took a cardboard in the shape of a circle and with glue i just made the word LIVE and 5 minutes later I covered it in foil and pressed it with a back of a sketch pen and coloured it with sketch pens and it turned out awesome! i am sorry if this is a very long comment,😌😌

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