DIY | How To Make Giant Bubbles!

Published on June 26, 2015

We are officially obsessed with bubble making…might be my most fun DIY ever!!! Don’t forget to subscribe for new vids every M-W-Th-F


• 8 oz Dawn Liquid dish soap
• 1 TBSP guar gum
• 1 TBSP baking powder
• 16 cups water
• Cotton string or rope
• 2 sticks
• Metal washer

1. Pour liquid dish soap into container.
2. Add guar gum and baking powder.
3. Mix ingredients together until well incorporated. Add water, and whisk.
4. Tie one end of string to one end of the stick.
5. String on metal washer, and loop string twice around second handle, and tie knot.
6. Lay everything down to make sure proportions are right. It should form a triangle. Connect two ends of string to close off loop.
7. Bring two sticks together and slowly lower rope into solution and make sure well saturated.
8. Lift wand out, keeping handles together, then slowly separate them.

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50 thoughts on “DIY | How To Make Giant Bubbles!

  1. You CAN make slime with guar gum! (Barrel o slime)
    -Guar Gum
    -Borax+Water a.k.a borax solution (1 tsp borax+1cup warm/hot water)
    -Food coloring

    1. Add as much water as you want into a bowl (depending of how much you wanna make)
    2. Add the guar gum into the water and mix until the water is a little bit more thick TIP: Add the guar gum little by little so it wont clump up, if there is some guar gum clumping up, just strain it into another bowl with a strainer
    3. Add food coloring and mix
    4. Make the borax solution
    5. Add the borax solution to the guar gum mixture little by little until the slime forms
    6. DONE!
    Store the slime into an air tight container. The slime will turn into a liquid after a day, but you can add more borax mixture to make it slime again! I hope you can make it Brooke! And you guys to!

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